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Looking to remortgage in Bristol?

Towards the end of your initial fixed mortgage period, you should look into your options to Remortgage in Bristol otherwise you’ll end up on your lender standards variable rate.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years helping homeowners with their remortgage advice in Bristol we have many customers find suitable and competitive remortgage deals to match their financial and current circumstances.

All our customers are offered a free no-obligation remortgage review. We can’t wait to help you continue your remortgage journey.

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Remortgage Advice in Bristol

Helping you to remortgage in Bristol

Here at Bristolmoneyman, our committed team of Remortgage Advisors in Bristol can search through 1000s of remortgage deals for you. If they find a more suitable remortgage deal to match your circumstances and you are happy to proceed with the chosen deal, we can make a start with the process of your mortgage and get your remortgage application submitted to the lender.

We aim to find you the most suitable remortgage deal and will always be open and honest to recommend the best path for you to take as a homeowner. If you would be better off with your current lender and simply doing a product transfer, our Mortgage Advisors in Bristol will inform you of such. We believe in full transparency with all new or existing customers who get in touch.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of our free remortgage review, which we offer to all new and existing customers. Getting a free mortgage review may allow you to access much better mortgage rates, saving you time and money in the long run.

Book your free remortgage review with a reputable mortgage broker in Bristol today and let’s get started on your remortgage in Bristol.

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FAQ for a Remortgage in Bristol

What is a remortgage in Bristol?

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A remortgage in Bristol refers to obtaining a new mortgage for the property you currently live in, when your current mortgage deal is nearing its end. Some homeowners opt for fixed-rate mortgages to have a consistent payment for a set period, then remortgage to secure a more favorable deal.

To be able to remortgage in Bristol, your new mortgage must be with a different lender than the previous one. If the new mortgage is with the same lender, it is known as a product transfer.

What are the benefits to a remortgage in Bristol?

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Mortgages are one of the biggest financial commitments you make, so it's understandable that you want to be at the best interest rate. That's why people tend to look for a remortgage in Bristol towards the end of their fixed term.

There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to remortgage in Bristol, such as releasing equity to free up certain costs for home improvements or consolidating unsecured debt.

Remortgaging in Bristol can be a great way to save money for homeowners. If you don't decide to remortgage in Bristol, you could end up on your mortgage lenders' standard variable interest rate (SVR), which can be more expensive.

Can I consolidate my debts into my mortgage in Bristol?

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There is no fixed answer, it all depends on two things, one of which is the lender you used and the second being the size of the accumulated unsecured debt. But yes, it might be possible to remortgage in Bristol to incorporate your debts into your mortgage. When you do this, your monthly mortgage payments and your mortgage term will increase.

You should think carefully before securing other debts against your home. By adding your unsecured debts to your mortgage, which is secured on your home, you are potentially putting your home at risk if you cannot make the required repayments.

Although the total monthly cost of servicing your debt may have reduced, the total cost of repayment may still have risen as the term of your mortgage is longer than it may have taken to repay the debts originally.

How does my free remortgage review work in Bristol?

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Everyone's free remortgage review with one of our dedicated remortgage advisor in Bristol will last 30 minutes to 1 hour max. During your appointment, we will review your current mortgage deal and see if you can access a better interest rate and all your other mortgage options in Bristol.

We believe in being completely transparent, so if we think you can access a better rate, we'll search for 1000’s of remortgage deals in Bristol and find the most suitable one for you.

Are these fees involved with remortgaging in Bristol?

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The fees involved with remortgaging in Bristol are similar to those that came with your first mortgage setup, depending on which mortgage broker in Bristol you chose first.

Here at Bristolmoneyman, we’ll help run through all these fees with you, then compare new deals with your current mortgage – saving you time and money.

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Our Simple Mortgage Process

Free 30 Minute Remortgage Review

Step 1

Book a free 30-minute remortgage consultation with one of our expert mortgage advisors in Bristol. During the appointment, you will discuss your current situation and desired outcomes with the advisor.

Using information about your income and expenses, our mortgage advisors in Bristol will help determine your mortgage affordability.

We Can Search 1000’s of Remortgage Deals

Step 2

Our expert mortgage advisors in Bristol will thoroughly review 1000’s of remortgage deals to determine the best option for your specific personal and financial circumstances.

Submit Your Remortgage Application

Step 3

After your offer is accepted, your remortgage advisor in Bristol will submit a complete mortgage application and required documentation to the lender.

Your designated case manager will keep you updated throughout the process, from submission to receiving the formal offer and finalising the purchase.

Protecting You and Your Mortgage

Step 4

We go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. In addition to finding the best remortgage deal, we also suggest appropriate insurance to safeguard you and your family.

We will also reach out to you before your next remortgage in Bristol is up for renewal, to make sure you are always on the optimal deal.

Reasons To Choose Us

Free Remortgage Review

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Our hardworking Mortgage Advisors in Bristol will offer every customer who gets in touch their very own free remortgage review for their remortgage in Bristol.

1000s of Remortgage Deals

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To find out more about our mortgage advice service and how satisfied we are with our customers at the end of their process, please take a look at our company reviews. There are plenty of reviews from homeowners just like you, who were thrilled with the service we could provide.

Our Service

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Here at Bristolmoneyman, we are very proud that we are able to provide our customers with a open and honest Mortgage Advice in Bristol.

Book your free remortgage review today and we’ll get your remortgage in Bristol started, hopefully quicker and more streamlined than your initial mortgage already was. We’re here to provide you with a top-tier customer experience, all throughout your process.

7 Days a Week

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We’re here for you all throughout the week, from early in the day until late at night, with appointments that are bookable at a time that suits your busy schedule, subject to availability.

Malcolm and Amy Davidson - Mortgage Advice in Bristol

We Search 1000s of Remortgage Deals in Bristol

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Common Remortgage Scenarios

Remortgage to Find a Better Deal

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Towards the end of your mortgage in Bristol, you’ll need to start looking at your options. Most homeowners will look to take out a remortgage in Bristol, if you don’t make a decision, you will automatically be placed onto your lenders Standard Variable Rate.

We tend to find, the interest rate for an SVR is sometimes a lot more than you current initial fixed period, meaning you will be paying higher monthly repayments. This is why those looking to remortgage in Bristol will look into seeking expert Mortgage Advice in Bristol.

Remortgage in Bristol to Fund Home Improvements

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Having worked in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, we have provided our full support to all new and existing customers. This is especially the case when they are remortgaging to release equity from their homes to fund any home improvements.

This is a popular option for homeowners who are looking to make a change to their home but don’t want to move. We tend to find those home improvements usually consist on a home extension, a new kitchen, or a loft conversion.

We would recommend getting in touch if you want to know which pathway is best to take, we have a good selection of mortgage lenders who may be able to help, though they will want to see any quotations for the potential costs.

Remortgage to Consolidate Debts

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Some homeowners may look to put any unsecured debts into your mortgage. This is because doing so will allow you to merge all your outgoings into a much more manageable monthly payment. Better still, that payment will remain the same all throughout.

It is very important to remember though that this will extend your debt across the entire course of your mortgage term. By the time it has paid off, you will have paid a lot more overall. In general, consolidating debts is a risky process and is something to heavily consider, rather than jumping in unprepared.

Bearing this in mind, we recommended that you get in touch with a Mortgage Broker in Bristol before you look to secure any debt against your home.

You should think carefully before securing other debts against your home. By adding your unsecured debts to your mortgage, which is secured on your home, you are potentially putting your home at risk if you cannot make the required repayments.

Although the total monthly cost of servicing your debt may have reduced, the total cost of repayment may still have risen as the term of your mortgage is longer than it may have taken to repay the debts originally.

Remortgage in Bristol to Remove a Name

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If you currently co-own a home with a partner or friend and you are looking to take their name off the mortgage, this may be possible to do this by taking out a remortgage in Bristol.

Even if you choose to remain with your current lender, you will have to go through a similar process to the first time you took out a mortgage. This is because a lender needs to have complete confidence in your ability to pay back your mortgage, without backup from someone else.

For more information on the scenarios above or to better understand your Remortgage in Bristol, feel free to book yourself in for a free remortgage review with one of our expert mortgage advisors in Bristol today and we’ll do our best to answer all of your remortgage questions.

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