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9 Questions to Ask When Buying A House in Bristol

First Time Buyer Questions Advice in Bristol

The first time Buyer process in Bristol can be stressful for many who are new to buying homes, but it does not have to be that way. To help you make the most of any future house viewing you undertake, we have compiled a list of nine questions to ask when buying a house as a first time buyer in Bristol or as a home mover in Bristol.

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The 9 Most Common Moving Home Questions:

1. Has there been much interest in the property or development?

If you can find out roughly how many people have viewed or enquired about the house in question, you will be able to more accurately gauge how much ’thinking’ time you have before you need to make a final decision. You must be ready to act quickly, especially if the property is popular among viewers, as someone could easily take it from under your nose and leave you looking for another property again. 

2. Is there a Property Chain?

A “Property Chain” is where, for example, the property you’re in line to purchase cannot be sold until the person living in it has moved into a property they like, and so on. Sometimes there can be a large group of people waiting on another person in front of them to move so that their process can be underway. Whether the property you want to buy is part of a “chain” will have a massive impact on the process.

If there is no onward chain, it is most likely that you will be able to move quicker than those who are in one, especially if you are not contributing to that chain. If you do not need to sell your property before moving, you’ll have more leverage as a home buyer. This is because you won’t be holding up the process of someone buying a home. Make sure you use it to your advantage during all negotiations with a seller.

3. What’s included in the sale of the property?

If you buy a used property, unlike a new build, then you may find that the previous owner leaves behind various items or furniture. We often hear about things like white goods (such as kitchen and bathroom appliances) or even garden sheds.

This can be fantastic news for home buyers who are happy to cut out the middleman and take what’s already there, but if you don’t want it, you’ll have to consider disposing of them yourself. On the other hand, if you buy a new building property, you can buy optional extras that will be ready for you once you have moved into the property. 

4. What are the properties neighbours like?

When you move to an area you are particularly unfamiliar with, it is worth asking what neighbors are like, as neighbors can sometimes make or break your experience of living in your home. If you choose to move to a new home development site, you and your neighbors will be the ones who create the community.

5. How much does it cost to run the property?

It is important to do your research and ask the right questions because the cost of running a property may vary from house to house. Make sure you take the time to find out how much the Council Tax is, along with the average amount required to spend on utilities.

This can be achieved by asking the seller or doing your own online research. Finding this information can help you understand your property budget before making an offer.

6. Which way is the house facing?

If you like to relax in the garden on summer nights or read books in natural light, the direction facing the house can be a huge factor in where you live. However, in some areas, you will often pay a higher price for a south-facing garden, as they receive the most sunlight throughout the day during summer. 

7. How much work will be required post moving in?

Again, this can affect your budget for a place. Therefore, some useful things to ask about are: 

8. Are you open to offers on the property?

Negotiation on a property price is a common part of the process when buying a home, people do this all the time. Therefore, find out how to approach making an offer, especially if you are nervous about doing such, trusted Mortgage Broker in Bristol like us will be able to help you prepare for this. Then, if you’d like to buy the home, you’re ready.

We also recommend that it is worth talking to the seller or real estate agent to determine which offers are considered too low or too high. Find out if recent offers have been made and rejected on this property. 

9. When can we move into this property?

By setting a date in your calendar, you can plan your other jobs, such as instructing a transfer lawyer, packing your belongings in your current home, then arranging and moving a removal van.

Date Last Edited: February 23, 2024

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